Full Flush Poker Introduces Bitcoin Deposits!

Full Flush Poker continues to make strides towards revamping an already solid user experience.  The newest addition should make funding an account for Rest of World (ROW) players exceptionally easy and allow them to take advantage of the great offers and promotions the site has to offer.

Full Flush Poker Announces Bitcoin Options

Full Flush Poker has added another player friendly feature to its arsenal by announcing a new Bitcoin deposit method for ROW players.  This makes it the 3rd major US-facing network to offer this option in the last few weeks and when combined with the exclusive rakeback offer from profressionalrakeback.com it is clear that Full Flush is interested in growing its customer base. The rakeback offer is an industry leading (for US-friendly sites) 35%.  While the Bitcoin deposit option is not available for US players, making it easier for players to deposit will only help US players have better games available to them.

Bitcoin Specifics

The specifics of the new Bitcoin option are still a little up in the air as it is in the infancy stages of being rolled out.  So while this information is current for right now, it’s important that they will be adjusting things as problems are found and solved.  To begin with players will have the ability to deposit anywhere between $25 and $2,500 from a wallet that they possess that already has cash in it.  There will be no fees for this method though, so players will not have to worry about that charge that can be found with other deposit methods.

The exchange rate that is used is unlike what Winning Poker Network uses.  The exchange rate will be set by the wallet that the person is using, where Winning Poker Network uses an average of major Bitcoin exchanges.  While withdraws are not yet available, they are expected to become available in late spring or early summer.  No indication has been given by the sites operators about this option being available for US-based players.  If that changes we will update you with the information.

Other Happenings at Full Flush Poker

Full Flush Poker has a lot of other great promotions going on right now that are available to US-based players.  In an article earlier this week we talked about the World Series of Poker promotions that they are running.  It’s still not too late to get involved with those, as even the leaders in the challenge have not built an insurmountable lead.  This is especially encouraging for players, as playing in all of the tournaments the site offers isn’t as difficult as it might be on other sites, because of the smaller than average bankroll requirements.

This Saturday is another POProll which allows players to compete for $5,000 by using their frequent player points or buying in for a very small amount of money.  The “Full Flush of Love” tournament is also this weekend, on Sunday, and offers players a $50,000 guaranteed tournament for $40 or 1 Gold Bar.  The last tournaments Gold Bars were accepted in was a $35 buy-in, so they are worth $5.00 more now than they were last time.  Once again showing how Full Flush Poker is attempting to become a player friendly site.


Full Flush Poker is looking to get ahead of the ROW crowd by offering Bitcoin to its players, while major sites have been somewhat reticent to do such.  While the limits might seem a bit small at first, it’s important to remember that as things go well the limits and functions will be revisited by Full Flush Poker to better serve players.  Are you going to use Bitcoin on Full Flush Poker?  Do you use Bitcoin on any sites?  Tell us on Twitter and Facebook so we can learn more about player’s habits and wants!