Video Gaming and Cryptocurrency – the Perfect Connection

Digital currencies integration as a means of payment was one of the most important events in the history of online gambling. Digital currency provides many advantages to the online gambling industry, one of them being able to play online gambling with cryptocurrency, even in countries where gambling is regulated or prohibited.

Cryptocurrency is been having an incredible influence the online gambling market and an amazing success in the virtual gambling industry.

Gambling was one of the first things to be utilized with digital currencies. The first and most well-known site using bitcoin was Satoshi dice and it rapidly came to casino sites or online poker rooms like Seals with Clubs. While Bitcoin can certainly be a great currency for gambling activities, it can also be the perfect match for the video gaming and e-sports industries.

Video gaming had the same type of rise as Bitcoin had: from LAN-Parties with friends, world championships with millions of viewers and big money prizes. First ridiculed as a nerd hobby; now a worldwide phenomenon that is almost part of the Olympics. Both are based on the internet without physical representation.
Thus, the concept of “border” is foreign to both. Now, Video Gaming and e-sports companies are becoming increasingly interested in Bitcoin because of the potential it can offer to innovate the industry.

And it is not only this particular industry that digital currency has the potential to influence. Bitcoin has also the potential to revolutionize the way how gaming works on mobile devices and even on consoles by enabling and facilitating in-app purchases.

Digital currencies will have a significant impact on video gaming and e-sports on the future. Real-money trading is still a big issue for online gaming, but digital currency will not only solve this problem as it also will provide a whole new range of possibilities for this industry.

Neteller and CardinalCommerce Bring PokerStars, GameStop, and Others Closer to Bitcoin

In the last 24 hours, two big names in payment processing have decided to join the bitcoin revolution. Both Neteller and CardinalCommerce have come out as bitcoin supporters, and these platforms could allow bitcoin users to gain access to a variety of big-name merchants and service providers. Neteller is possibly best described as a PayPal alternative, while CardinalCommerce is a secure payments platform with a focus on proper authentication and unique payment options.

Neteller accepts bitcoin deposits

Neteller Bitcoin Debit CardAlthough it doesn’t seem as if Neteller wanted it to become big news quite yet, a Redditor noticed that bitcoin had been added as a deposit option for the e-money wallet last night. Neteller is a well-known payments option for the online gaming industry, and their bitcoin integration could give poker players and gamblers the ability to make deposits to online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms with lower fees.

Neteller also offers a debit card that can be attached to a user’s account, but the ability to use this as a bitcoin debit card seems to be limited to $650 at this time. Also, US customers are not able to use the digital currency for deposits. Neteller is expected to release more information related to their adoption of bitcoin in the coming days. The online payments provider has partnered with BitPay for their bitcoin integration.

CardinalCommerce partners with Bitnet

CardinalCommerce is an online payments provider for some of the biggest brand names in the world right now such as GameStop, American Eagle Outfitters, and Delta Air Lines. A partnership with bitcoin payment processor Bitnet was announced earlier this morning, Although Bitnet started out as a lesser-known player in the bitcoin payments space, the company is now competing with Coinbase and BitPay to bring as many new merchants to bitcoin as possible.

In the official announcement, CardinalCommerce SVP of Merchant Services Alasdair Rambaud explained, “[Bitnet’s] many combined years of payment industry experience makes them the best choice for Cardinal and our merchants who want to offer bitcoin as an alternative way for their Customers to buy.” He went on to state bitcoin is a “win-win for merchants and customers around the globe!”

When will merchants enable bitcoin payments?

Although CardinalCommerce has already enabled bitcoin payments for their clients, the merchants will still have to “turn on” bitcoin payments on their own. Some larger merchants have claimed that bitcoin could possibly confuse their customers during the checkout process due to the low levels of awareness associated with the digital currency, so we’ll have to wait to see which merchants decide to offer bitcoin as a payment option to their customers.

On the other hand, merchants who accept Neteller as a form of payment do not even need to know that the payments provider has enabled a new gateway for their customers to pay with bitcoin. Neteller currently only allows bitcoin to be used as a deposit method, and the bitcoins are converted to fiat currency once the deposit has been made. Having said that, it’s possible that Neteller’s current use of bitcoin is simply a preview of bigger things to come.

BetVIP launches bitcoin poker site, the bitcoin-only sportsbook, has diversified its offering with the launch of

As with the company’s sports, virtual and casino products, BetVIP Poker transacts exclusively in bitcoin and accepts bets around the world in regulated markets.

The new poker room has been developed in response to customer demand for additional bitcoin wagering opportunities and is available in app format for both Mac and Windows.

BetVIP founder and CEO Daniel Schwartzkopff said: “The rapid growth of our business over the past year stems from the fact that users want a trusted, licensed bitcoin betting and gaming environment.

“The launch of BetVIP Poker enables players to enjoy an even wider selection of market-leading cryptocurrency wagering products on both Mac and Windows platforms.”